Dendrobium unicum ‘Weimin’ AM/RHS



Dendrobium unicum 'Weimin' was recommended for an Award of Merit by the  Orchid Committee of the Royal Horticultural Society at a meeting on 27th June 2006.

Dendrobium unicum is a species from Thailand, Laos and Burma, in Section Dendrobium. The flowers are unusual in that they bloom in summer, are bright orange, fragrant (with a tangerine smell) and are non-resupinate.

Clone 'Weimin' is characterised by its large size, rich orange colour, broad, veined petals and an orange suffusion on the underside of the lip. The plant was bought from a Thai nursery at an orchid show in 2002.

This year, Dendrobium unicum 'Weimin' flowered in June with about 30 flowers, and was exhibited at the Bournemouth Orchid Society meeting on 16th June 2006.

The award was published in the September/October 2006 edition of the Orchid Review. Text and photos copyright C-Y Khoo. All rights reserved.


Overall flower width sepals 2.6 cm (6.3 cm unfurled), petals 6.2 cm.

Stalk 2.5 cm long, orange except at distal and proximal (ovary) ends green.

Ovary ridged with 3-4 dark fine lateral lines at lower side adjacent to mentum.

Mentum 6mm from junction with ovary, with brown patch 4 mm x 1 mm laterally from back (across divide of lateral sepals).

Dorsal sepal rich orange  3.6 cm, reflexed.

Lateral petals rich orange, 3.8 cm x 1.2 cm at broadest, reflexed upwards, a ridge separating longitudinally into 2 halves, each side crossed with veins, not apparent near junction with flower.

Lateral sepal 3.7 cm to junction with lip, rich orange, ridged as petals but without veins.

Lip 3.8 cm long x 1.2 cm wide x 0.8 cm tall, projecting outwards and downwards.

Colour of top surface cream with orange suffusion nearer column and centre of lip, matt.

Centre of lip crossed with 3 ridges 1-2mm tall, covered with powder proximally. Red brown veins covering surface, spreading from 3 main veins on each side, bifurcating 1-2mm from edge of lip. Light orange veining of back (lower) surface faintly visible.

Lower surface (back) of lip glossier than top surface, more orange than cream, orange suffusion more visible at same corresponding location.
Edge of lip pinched distally to produce bumps, on the valleys of which some veins ride. 2 x 3 main veins and central depression (corresponding to ridges on top surface) clearly visible from lower surface.

Inner surface of mentum has dark red patch, 6 mm x 1 mm laterally corresponding to patch visible on outer surface.

Column 0.45 cm, pollinia 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm (pair), anther cap approx 2 mm.

Copyright C-Y Khoo. All rights reserved.